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Rock Climbing in Ourika Valley

We split up again, some of us stayed in the city, the rest went on a hiking excursion to the Ourika Valley in the Atlas mountains. Crossing the river over a rickety bridge was easy, and the first part of the trail was actually a passage between hundreds(!) of shops and restaurants.

Rickety bridge over Ourika river  At least the "fridges" were ecological (water cooled)

Personally, I didn’t like that much, the sense of being in the nature got lost completely. Luckily it changed when the trail became steeper. Used to mountain trails, the lack of good shoes, the slippery rocks and the amount of people coming down made the experience… more intense.

Ourika WaterfallThe nice waterfall (well, one out of seven we learned later on) was the reward for our efforts. Said was a very good guide for the group and brought us back to Marrakesh safely. Thank you!

We were not alone!

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