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An international Team

Today Jamie sent the official welcome message and announced the other team members. 15 Ladies and Gents will form the Morocco 5 team. Amazing!

Ana Paula Brazil
Brittany USA
Cathy USA
Dany Canada
Duki Slovakia
Gerry Switzerland
Grant USA
Lauren Puerto Rico
Laurie USA
Michael Israel
Patrick France
Prashant India
Ram India
Sayoko Japan
Susan USA

(I don’t want to give too much personal details here, but I can link to their blogs and galleries later on.)

#ibmcsc morocco

Quick decision required

2013 passed without much news… I just knew that I should get informed about my assignment at least 3 months in advance for all preparations. One afternoon, I got the exciting news:

Congratulations for Morocco 5

But this also required quick actions on my side: get the approval from the project management, thinking about deputies during my absence, checking private plans for this time… . At the end I could reply with a positive answer, luckily.

#ibmcsc morocco