Play it again, Sam

Casablanca - The MovieAfter a very hot summer day we wanted to cool down a bit in the evening. We went to “Rick’s Café” which was an important location in the movie “Casablanca”. The place was designed to recreate the bar made famous by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in the movie classic Casablanca. Set in an old courtyard-style mansion built against the walls of the Old Medina of Casablanca, the restaurant – piano bar is filled with architectural and decorative details reminiscent of the film. There is an authentic 1930’s Pleyel piano and “As Time Goes By” is a common request to the in-house pianist.

Generally, photos are prohibited, but if you ask the staff, they allow to make “but only a few, please!”. With our big group a considerable restriction, so we had to keep certain guys busy by ordering drinks and take the pictures when they’re away. :-)

Rick's Café Ingrid Bergman in the background

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